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Get a Dream Job in Tech Sales with Online Simulators

High salary

No tech experience is needed

Tech industry is the highest-paying market for salespeople.
The pay is great with an average of $86,000 per year
Salespeople in tech companies make 2 times what other sales reps earn
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor

The only way to learn how to sell is to do it

Online simulators imitate a tech sales job and help you build skills you need to get a tech sales job

Solution Selling

Overcoming objections

Giving a wow product demo to a client

Acing the job interview

The skills you will build with simulators…

Prospecting: how to use different search resources

Writing cold emails that get replies

Cold-calling and presenting your product

Pushing prospects to purchase

Working with Salesforce CRM

Video rehearsal tools help you make sales skills your second nature.

You record your answers to typical questions you get when you are meeting your prospect.

Video rehearsal

You analyze your performance and try again until you are satisfied with the result.

How simulators work

Our sales expert will evaluate your answers and give you individual feedback.

Call simulators

They train you on presenting your product and overcoming objections.

Call simulators imitate real client calls on your cell phone.

Individual feedback from our career coach will help you overcome anxiety and walk in knowing exactly how to answer the toughest questions and looking good doing it.

Get ready for the job interview and land your dream job

You answer the questions that you most likely will hear during a tech sales job interview.

Interactive simulators help you master the tech sales process from searching for prospects to closing a deal.

If you make a mistake, you get feedback and an explanation of how you should have acted.

Interactive simulators help you learn Solution Selling which is the most important tech sales methodology.

You will learn how to approach a client as a trusted advisor rather than as an ordinary salesperson.

Interactive simulators

Solution Selling

Online simulators will get you ready to land a tech sales job that pays $86K a Year

Ian Koniak, Salesforce
These Experts Helped Design the Simulators
Kyle Jepson,
Dustin Deno,
Tim Wackel
Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker
Mor Assouline,
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In 7 years we've helped 314,000 people find their ideal jobs
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Sales Director
I thought I was a pro in sales. But after the course, my career skyrocketed. During the first month, my team and I made over a third more than we usually do. And I only introduced a couple of things from the course into our daily routine.
Tech Salesperson
I failed 3 job interviews at tech companies. But when I was practicing the interview with simulators, it was like looking in the mirror. I immediately saw all the mistakes I made. Then I started to present myself better. Now I work for Adobe which was my ultimate dream!
Customer Tech Support & Sales
Loved the online simulators! They really helped me improve my sales calls which were my biggest pain. I used to close about 10% of the deals over the phone. Now the number is close to 60% which of course moved my salary up.
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Get a dream job in tech sales
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10 lifehacks to get your emails opened
15 exercises for writing converting emails
Solution selling simulator
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Individual feedback from our career coach
4 cold calling simulators
Meeting a prospect video rehearsal
Software demo simulator


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Do you offer lifetime access to the course?
Yes, you get lifetime access to all the content and updates.
I don't know tech at all! Do I need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science?
You don't need to have prior experience or know all the technical complexities to get into tech sales. The course will give you all the necessary skills to break into the job.
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