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Tech Sales Placement Program With Your Private Career Coach

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Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

Tech industry is the highest-paying market for salespeople with an annual wage of $86,000. Check out this chart for some hard evidence.
1. The pay is great
As the tech industry grows, companies are desperately looking for those who can translate their products into revenue.
2. The demand is high
Salespeople in tech companies make 2 times what other sales reps earn.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor
The tech industry constantly develops innovations that make people's lives better. You can become a part of it. It's great to change the world and make big money out of it.
3. You can make big bucks while changing people's lives
Why This Course?
Learn From The Best In The Field
Learn from top performers who work at IBM, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Docusign
Get On-the-job Experience
Build skills with real-life sales calls and demo simulations. Put your skills into practice during an internship at a tech company.
Find The Best Job Opportunities
Prepare your resume and Linkedin profile. Master each step of the job hunt process.
Practice the job Interview with your coach
Get ready for any question, boost your confidence and get hired!
9 out of 10 students would recommend our course to their friends
In 7 years we've helped 314,000 people find their ideal jobs
Eduson Academy students work at

What a career in tech sales looks like

How the tech industry works

How to find and qualify prospects

How to write emails that get replies

You will get the skills and knowledge you need to land a high-paying job in tech sales

How to present your product and overcome objections on a sales call

How to give a product demo

How to work with Salesforce

Our goal is not only to train you but also to get you hired

Our program is based on inside knowledge from industry experts and gives you a proven methodology for landing a job in tech sales fast.

Your private coach will help guide you, give you individual feedback and support you until you get a job.


Define your ideal job profile

and develop your individual job search strategy with a career coach.

Work on your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile

to catch the recruiters' eye and get more job interviews.

Prepare to answer the toughest questions and impress your employers

Practice mock interviews with life feedback to gain real experience and overcome anxiety.

Get ready for a job interview at a tech company.

Meet Our Instructors
Ian Koniak, Salesforce
Kyle Jepson,
Zoya Khatuntseva, TripAdvisor
Marcus Chan,
Katherine Andruha, Coursera
Shavkat Karimov, Microsoft
John Sturtevant,
Harvard Business School
Charles B. Craver,
George Washington University

Interactive simulators help you master the tech sales process from searching for prospects to closing a deal.

If you make a mistake, you get feedback and an explanation of how you should have acted.

Interactive simulators help you learn Solution Selling which is the most important tech sales methodology.

You will learn how to approach a client as a trusted advisor rather than as an ordinary salesperson.

Interactive simulators

Solution Selling

Our sales expert will evaluate your answers and give you individual feedback.

Call simulators

They train you on presenting your product and overcoming objections.

Call simulators imitate real client calls on your cell phone.

Individual feedback from our career coach will help you overcome anxiety and walk in knowing exactly how to answer the toughest questions and looking good doing it.

Get ready for the job interview and land your dream job

You answer the questions that you most likely will hear during a tech sales job interview.

We Invest in Your Career

We invest in you first. You'll pay us back later in $6,000 flat-rate tuition in 12 monthly payments only when you land a high-paying tech sales job.

Changed your mind? You have 5 days to withdraw and get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Moneyback guarantee

No upfront cost

Your potential annual income:


Interest-Free Payment

Your 0% interest payment plan begins only after you've started your new job.

Small commitment fee

Secure your seat with a $199 commitment fee that will be refunded after successful completion of the program.

Start paying only after you get a job
Learning path
Our goal is not only to train you, but also to get you hired in 12 weeks
Week 1-4
Week 5-9
Week 9-12
Career Track
Revise your test results and current resume with a career coach.
Meet Your Career Advisor
Take the SDR Skills Assessment to determine your strengths.
Assess Yourself
With the help of your coach draw a road to success to your dream job.
Build a Personal Career Plan
Conduct informational interviews revised by a career advisor and ask for referrals.
Get Referrals
Outstand from others by making an attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile.
Build Your Network
Write a resume that will perfectly fit into the job description and make you stand out. Get feedback from a career coach.
Master Your Resume
Get feedback on each Interview from Tech Sales recruiters.
Improve on the Feedback
Practice interviews based on real-life cases from top tech companies to avoid surprises and build confidence.
Take Mock Interviews
Learn how to address all kinds of interview questions and ace a sales roleplay.
Ace Your Interview
Week 1-4
Week 5-9
Week 9-12
Tech Sales Training Track
Learn how to establish initial contact, build rapport, and convert a prospect into a client.
Nail Soft Sales Skills
Write demo scripts and prepare demo agenda using the Sandler technique.
Conduct a Software Demo
Train how to demonstrate the financial value of the product and navigate multiple decision-makers.
Train with Sales Simulations
Become a master of Solution Selling and Consultative Selling Methods.
Learn Tech Sales Methods
Learn ins and outs of closing the deals, hitting quota, and getting into tech sales from top sales talents.
Learn from Top Sales Talents
Study order management, forecasting, and saving lost deals.
Learn ins and outs of Tech companies, determine what role in Tech Sales suits you best.
Overview Tech Indsutry
Use Salesforce as a CRM
Train using Salesforce in a simulation.
Learn how to source leads, cold call, leave voicemails, develop an email cadence.
Excel at SDR Skills
Learn how to negotiate the terms of the deal, overcome objections, and close the deal.
Polish AE Skills
What Our Graduates are Saying
Is there a job guarantee?
Eduson Academy partners with employers and provides you the training and career services to land you a role. We're so sure in our program and methodology, that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee: you don't pay if you don't get hired.
Do you offer lifetime access to the course?
Yes, you get lifetime access to all the content and updates.
I don't know tech at all! Do I need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science?
You don't need to have prior experience or know all the technical complexities to get into tech sales. The course will give you all the necessary skills to break into the job.
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