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Learn more about our 12-week tech sales online bootcamp

Thank you!

Learn more about our 12-week tech sales online bootcamp

In 12 weeks, you will be ready to start earning $130 000 in tech sales

Average annual pay of $130,000
Experts from Top Companies
Self-Paced Learning
Private coach

Tech Sales Placement Program. Get a Job That Pays 6 Figures

Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

Tech industry is the highest-paying market for salespeople with an annual wage of $130,000. Check out this chart for some hard evidence.
1. The pay is great
Top tech companies are desperately looking for those who can get their solutions and products in front of a wider audience. It means that getting into tech sales is as easy as pie.
2. It's easy to get a job in tech sales
Salespeople in tech companies make 2.8 times what other sales reps earn.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor
The tech industry is at its height. It constantly develops innovations that make people's lives better. You can become a part of it. It's great to change the world and make big money out of it.
3. You can make big bucks while changing people's lives
Why This Course?
Learn From The Best In The Field
Learn from top performers who work at IBM, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Docusign
Practice Without The Fear Of Failure
Master the skills with our real-life sales call and demo simulations
Find The Fattest Job Opportunities
Build a job search pipeline and find the best job opportunities with the help of our career coaches.
Practice the job Interview with your coach
Get ready for any question, boost your confidence and get hired!
Get the Complete Course Curriculum
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In 7 years we've helped 314,000 people find their ideal jobs

You don't just listen about what needs to be done.

Your private coach will guide you through the entire program. We help you prepare the resume, get ready for the job interview, and land a 6-figure job in tech sales.

You do it with our help.

If you don't get at least 10 job interviews after the program, we pay your money back.

Live Q&A sessions with our experts
A proven methodology of getting a job in Tech Sales
Personal course assistant
60 days of Q&A chat
Video rehearsal job interview simulations
11 call simulations
and sales personality assessment testing systems
49 interactive sales simulations
lectures from top experts
What's Inside the Course
15 hours of video
and business cases
and 6 mock interviews with feedback from coaches
that helps you keep on track and provides support
with tech sales career expert
7 sales skills assessments
with our experts
and money back guarantee
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Unique Sales Simulators

Imagine getting a call from a virtual client. It's like closing a deal in the real world, only with zero risk of losing money. The simulator lets you make mistakes and practice without the fear of failure.

When you meet a real client, you will be fully prepared.

This Online Course Will Reveal Secrets Most Tech Salespeople Never Come Across… Such As:

How to find a job in tech sales in no time

How to pass a job interview with no experience

Top things to know about tech sales: terms and stuff

How to start making big money fast

Secrets to success in tech sales from top performers

Our experts

Learning path
Week 1-4
Week 5-9
Week 9-12
How to Set Up Milestones for the Deal
How to Navigate Multiple Technical and Business Makers
How to Demonstrate the Value of a Tech Product
Consultative Selling
Solution Selling
Tech Sales
Lost Deals
Building References
Order Management
Our goal is not only to train you, but also to get you hired in 12 weeks
Career Objectives
Tech industry overview: SaaS, companies, roles
Personality and sales skills tests: discover strengths and weaknesses before starting the course
Communication and Active Listening

Rapport Building

Influence and Persuasion

Sales Scripts

Lead Sourcing and Client Research

Cold Calling

Qualification and Identifying Needs

Sales Techniques

Product Presentation

Closing a Deal

Overcoming Objections


Tech Industry for Salespeople

Tech Sales Methodology

Written Сommunication


Result Orientation

Salesforce Practice

How to Get a Job in Tech Sales

109 lessons in total
11 lessons
15 lessons
8 lessons
7 lessons
10 lessons
7 lessons
3 lessons
5 lessons
3 lessons
2 lessons
7 lessons
6 lessons
4 lessons
6 lessons
3 lessons
2 lessons
3 lessons
3 lessons
4 lessons
Anthony Coppedge, IBM
Meet Our Instructors
Ian Koniak, Salesforce
Kyle Jepson,
Charles B. Craver,
George Washington University
John Sturtevant,
Harvard Business School
If our course doesn't meet your expectations we'll give your money back. No questions asked.
14 day money back guarantee
Sales Director
I thought I was a pro in sales. But after the course, my career skyrocketed. During the first month, my team and I made over a third more than we usually do. And I only introduced a couple of things from the course into our daily routine.
Tech Salesperson
I was a newbie in both sales and tech sales. But the course is amazingly understandable and inspiring. It gave me "the kick of the life," not to mention all the necessary tech skills and soft skills. Now I work for Adobe which was my ultimate dream.
Customer Tech Support & Sales
Loved the online simulators! They really helped me improve my sales calls which were my biggest pain. I used to close about 10% of the deals over the phone. Now the number is close to 60% which of course moved my salary up.
What Our Graduates are Saying
Get a 6-figure job in tech sales
With money back guarantee
You will get
15 hours of video lectures from top experts
49 interactive sales simulations
11 call simulations and 6 mock interviews
Price today:
Video rehearsal job interview simulations
Personal course assistant and Live Q&A sessions
7 sales skills assessments
Lifetime access to the course


A proven methodology of getting a job in Tech Sales
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How do I access my course?
You can login to the eLearning platform right after the payment is complete. All the login info will be sent to your mailbox.
Do you offer lifetime access to the course?
Yes, you get lifetime access to all the content and updates.
I don't know tech at all! Do I need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science?
You don't need to have prior experience or know all the technical complexities to get into tech sales. The course will give you all the necessary skills to break into the job.
I completed my course, now what?
Well done! We will send you a digital certificate of completion that you can show off to your employer. Make sure to stop by for the updates (you get unlimited access to the course, remember?)
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