March, 5-8 / Strasbourg

Annual City Festival

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An annual spring festival of local vintage markets, street art, music, theatre, farm food, and family activities. Enjoy the beauty of the city, tasty food, and take part in the competitions.
4 days

Days of spring celebration!
300 guests

Participants around the city!
6 music stages

Music stages
9 city points

Course duration (one day off included)
Where does the festival take place?
We've organized 9 points in the city to host the festival. Find the mark nearest to you!
City festival program
We play, manage competitions, draw, play music, laugh, smile, and have a great time!
Vintage markets
March, 5-8
Food market
March, 5-8
Brush test street art competition
March, 6-8
new album presentation
7 March / Fillier park / 22:30
How we spent the Festival in 2020
In 2020, the theme of the Festival was “Light”. The whole city was filled with lighting decorations, and on the main night, there was a firework show!
How to become our partner?
Are you a young local brand that has ideas why your product is perfect? Tell us about you and how you would like to help to make the festival better. You can be a company, as well as a passionate cook, for example. If your product is special and inspiring, get in touch to join the festival!
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Welcome spring, take part in competitions, and win special prizes from our partners at the City festival!

Meet our friends and partners!
We tried to collect the most popular questions about the festival, but if you still have any, ask us by email:
Meet our team
You can ask any question or give a proposal. We are always ready to help you.
  • Hellen Bouvier
    Founder & Art Director
    Hellen is a founder of our festival. She knows everything about every aspect of the festival.
  • Marceille Fois
    Design Director
    Marceille knows everything about locations, placing, decorations and equipment.
  • Eva Limouge
    Partnership and sponsors
    Eva is the voice of our brand. She spends hours making our clients enjoy the festival.
  • Diana D'omier
    Project manager
    Diana is responsible for the festival organization: event schedule, legal issues and partnerships.
For any questions, contact us via email or social media