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Practical online course, in which you will learn how to hire and train strong sales managers who will guarantee constant revenue growth at your company
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Sales managers
who want to become heads of sales departments. You will learn how to organize sales department operations and use dashboards, educate, track and motivate employees.
Heads of sales departments
You will learn how to build business processes, make effective programs for onboarding new staff, get results from all team members.
Business owners
who want to build a strong sales team. You will learn how to stop wasting money on useless "sales stars" and how to hire only professionals, set goals for them correctly and achieve results instead of promises.
This course is for
1. How to build sales department processes:
  • How to organize sales department operations
  • How to choose sales channels
  • How to formulate sales offers
  • How to implement sales KPI. Sales tracking methods
  • How to use CRM-system effectively
Course content
85 lessons, interviews with experts and summary of the books
Final project
At the end of the course, you are to present your final project:
  • Look into a given problem
  • Develop the best solution
  • Send it to your instructor for review
  • Get feedback and revise the project if needed
  • Get your Diploma of Completion
lessons, interviews and summary of the books
2. How to lead people and achieve results:
  • How to define employee motivation
  • How to give feedback correctly
  • How to avoid the burnout of the most valued employees
  • How to hold meetings effectively
  • How to make the best of annual assessment from employees
lessons, interviews and summary of the books
3. How to sell and close big deals
  • How to choose a sales methodology
  • How to ask questions to identify customers' needs
  • How to sell to TOP-managers
  • How to sell on the B2B market
  • How to sell using the SPIN method
interviews with sales experts

4. How to use emotional intelligence and how to be a leader
  • How to recognize your own emotions
  • How to make emotions work for you
  • How to use emotional intelligence at work
  • How to communicate with difficult people
  • How to develop an emotional culture in a team
lessons and summary of the books

5. How to communicate with a team and with customers. How to conduct negotiations
  • How to hold business communication by mail and messengers
  • How to create and make use of business connections
  • How to explain your point of view logically by mail
  • How to conduct negotiations by phone and mail
  • How to write a commercial offer
lessons and interviews with sales experts
6. How to cope with large volumes of work and not drown in routine
  • How to use system thinking in management
  • How to set ambitious goals
  • How to use the reverse planning method
  • How to use Color Coding in Google calendar
  • How to use the Pareto principle
lessons and summary of the books
— How to write a CV
— How to search for a job
— How to create a portfolio
— How to get your dream job
— How to get ready for an interview
— How to answer interview questions
Assistance in job placement
— How to be proactive during an interview
— How to pass an SHL test
— How to pass a job assessment test
— How to get promoted
— How to accept a job offer
We send out your CV to our corporate clients, including top Russian and international companies like Gazprom, Lukoil, Sberbank, Rostelekom, MTS, Russian Railways, Mercedes-Benz and M.Video
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Elena Masolova
Course methodologist. Founder of Groupon Russia, a company with a monthly revenue of USD 12 million. She managed 1,000 employees, including 500 sales managers, in 53 cities. One of the top 30 Internet entrepreneurs according to Forbes.
Course professors
Leonid Osokin
Sales expert, 14 years of experience. He has worked with MTS, Gazprombank, Coca-Cola, and LUKOIL.
John Sturtevant
Professor of the Harvard Business School with 20 years of experience.
Philip Hesketh
Author of the bestseller "Life's a Game So Fix the Odds". Procter & Gamble Salesman of The Year.
Charles B. Craver
Professor of the George Washington University who has taught negotiation skills to more than 90,000 people worldwide.
Eugene Orlan
Business coach, Ex-Regional Director of Groupon. He has worked at Rostelecom, LUKOIL, Sberbank, X5, TGC-1 and MegaFon.
Alexander Friedman
Managing Partner of the Amadeus Group, Author of books on management and personal effectiveness. Clients – Gazprom Neft, Sberbank, Rostelecom, Barkli.

Evgeny Kolotilov
Best Business Sales Coach 2019 ("Congress Awards Russia"), author of 11 books. His clients include Mitsubishi Electric, Google, Interfax, ABBYY, Kaspersky and CISCO.

Igor Ryzov
Negotiations expert. He taught negotiations at Gazprom Neft, Sberbank, MegaFon, Yandex and Rostelecom. Author of the bestseller "Kremlin School of Negotiations".

Daria Kabitskaya
Entrepreneur, Creator of the "School of Impudence", Ex-Creative Director of the largest event agency in the CIS, Podezhiki.
Interview with experts
Access to secrets of the specialty in interviews with the best business coaches in Russia
An interactive environment
Instead of boring webinars, there are simulations, games and cases with scenarios where you get to make your own decisions.
Why have 331,126 people chosen Eduson Academy?
The best lecturers
Lecturers from Harvard, Stanford, the London Business School and leading Russian experts and practitioners.
Focus on practice
We are concise and to the point. We provide practical skills for employment and successful work.
We instill confidence
Our courses eliminate the "impostor syndrome" and allow graduates to speak the same language with other professionals.
We know what business leaders need
We know what HR-managers of the leading companies are looking for. Since 2013, we have been working with Gazprom, LUKOIL, Sberbank, Russian Railways and others. The course program meets their demands.
The leading companies trust Eduson Academy to educate their employees
How is the training conducted ?
You watch and listen to lectures and cases at your own pace
You perform test-tasks on interactive simulators
You have the opportunity to ask the curator any questions you might have
You get to defend your diploma thesis and be awarded with an official document of successful completion of the course
Эксперты о курсе
Head of Corporate Sales, Skyeng B2b Group
Anton Dubonosov ,
A head of sales should produce results. In any weather. When the market is in a crisis, when there is no budget for marketing, when the team is young and inexperienced, when a sales-"star" leaves the company and joins competitors. These are all the problems that the sales head has to resolve. The Eduson Academy course teaches you how to solve them specifically.
Head of Corporate Sales,
Vyacheslav Balagansky
Selling is not an accident, but a system of sequenced actions that lead us to the desired result. The main goal of the manager is to build a system that predictably produces results. Weekly 1-1 meetings with managers, analysis of indicators and sales funnels (pipeline), management tools, effective training for beginners (onboarding) and accurate transaction planning (forecasting). You can easily learn all this in the Eduson training courses.
Vice-President, Head of Sales Management Unit, VSK Insurance House
Irina Vinskaya ,
It is important in sales to be one step ahead of competitors constantly: improve scripts, learn modern sales technologies and follow the best practices including those in other industries. The Eduson Academy course is exactly about that.
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For how long will I have access to the course?
You are given a lifetime access to the course.
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Yes. We will send you a link to your personal chat with your curator, where you can ask him any questions and discuss your progress.
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Yes. You can make monthly payments instead of a one-time payment.
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